STEP 1. Frame assembly

First of all we assemble the frame. Normally it is made of 6mm plywood and consists of central spine and a set of ribs that form board's outline and rocker

STEP 2. Adding rail strips

After the bottom panel is attached to the frame we start building the rails. 6x9mm strips are glued one at a time. Usually it takes 13-16 strips on each side of the board

STEP 3. Covering the top with 5,5mm panels and strips

Before top panel is attached we sand the rail strips so that side of the board aligns with ribs. In case board has complicated profile we sometimes build top or bottom strip by strip instead of gluing a panel with a risk of damaging it

STEP 4. Glassing the paddle board

When all the woodwork is done and the board is sanded to its final shape – that's when magic begins. We are covering the board with fiberglass and epoxy, that turns from white to transparent in the process and gives a lot of strength to the board

STEP 5 Varnishing 

Last but not least, we are adding several coats of marine varnish, that gives an awesome glossy finish and UV protection to the board

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